Roadmap for English readers

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The website consists of several categories (page top menu):

  • Nieuws: News. Here you’ll find news about the village and the region. Additionally there are items with cultural, political and general character.
  • Evenementen: Events. The calender presents a chronological list of parties, fairs, bicycle and hiking tours, exhibitions, theater productions, music concerts and book publications. The annual highlight is the Oudemirdum Summer Festival in July and August: read the full program for the Summer 2023.
  • It Pompeblêd: the quarterly magazine with articles and news about Oudemirdum. You may read this magazine online or download the PDF version.
  • Over Oudemirdum: About Oudemirdum. Useful information in various thematical categories. Here are the most relevant themes for English readers:
    • Algemene Informatie en Historie: general information and history in overview.
    • Bedrijven: a list of links to shops, restaurants and bars, hospitality industry, agricultural and other companies, camping sites and rental holiday homes in and around Oudemirdum.
    • Burgerinformatie. Information about the local authority De Fryske Marren, plus links to sites about history and environmental and tourist organisations, such as Nationaal Landschap Zuidwest Fryslân, Staatsbosbeheer Natuurgebieden und Waterland van Friesland.
    • Zorg: a list of local doctors and medical care.
    • Sport: sport clubs and facilities.
    • Kerken: churches and religion. Church buildings, congregations and services.
    • Verenigingen: interest groups and associations with political, cultural, sport and neighbourhood character.

Later this year (Autumn 2023) we will consider a more complete translation of the website content. For now, during the tourist season in the summer of 2023, this roadmap is the first step. We do appreciate your comments and feedback. Enjoy the stay in Oudemirdum!

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